Theorie und Praxis

Jasmin Dienemann und ihre Klasse Gesundheit und Soziales BG 16-GS vom Beruflichen Gymnasium des SBZ Saalfeld-Rudolstadt übertrugen in ihrem Englischunterricht einen Hörtext über das neue Dresdner Parkhaussystem der  Firma Saalfelder Hebezeugbau in die Fremdsprache.

Nach Rücksprache mit der Geschäftsleitung könnte Jasmins Text nun auf der Homepage der international agierenden Firma zu lesen sein.



Saalfeld Hebezeugbau has opened a fully automated parking lot in Dresden, Germany. 

This state-of-the-art parking-system makes parking a lot more comfortable and efficient.

Customers park their car on a platform in the right position and pull out a ticket. After that they are done, the rest is left to the fully automated car conveyor belt.

First the car will be weighed and measured to find out the exact size and a motion detector will estimate if all passengers have left the car. The conveyor belt will then take the vehicle to a free space inside the building like in a sliding puzzle. Thus, in contrast to normal parking lots, every available inch of the garage is exploited.

When the customer wants to leave they just pay at a cash desk as in every car park. A special code on their ticket will tell the system which car to take. The conveyor belt will bring it to the leaving hall where it is placed in the right position to easily drive out of the parking lot.

Saalfeld Hebezeugbau is planning to build such a parking lot in all five continents throughout the next few years.